I remember Justin playing the main riff for me and Peter while we were on tour in The Netherlands, in Eindhoven to be exact. We were in our hotel room relaxing before the show and he had a recording of it on his phone. As soon as we heard the riff we knew it had to be on the new album.

He didn’t have any more parts for the song if I remember correctly so I took it upon myself to flesh it out and add the rest of the parts. His riff was so good it really inspired me so the song came together very quickly. You get lucky like that sometimes.

The heavy middle part before the solos took the most work to get right, especially in mixing. There are so many parts in there: besides guitars, bass and drums there are lead vocals, choirs, synths and a whole slew of FX guitars in there. We wanted it to be this chaotic, heavy, churning part that led into the solos, and when they come it’s like a revelation.

Another funny thing about this song is the verse. Every time the verse comes in the guitars start on the upbeat. I just felt it was a nice little twist, no biggie but it drove Anders up the wall for a bit there. I dunno if he´s gotten used to it, I hope so…


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