The main riff and idea for Where Spirits Die initially came from Johnny and when he sent it to me the working title was Tung Acke (Heavy Acoustic). I think I only added the chorus to it and maybe one other part.

The arrangement is unusual for us in that it ends with a guitar solo. I don’t think we’ve done that before, usually we end with a chorus or the main riff. This is probably the slowest song we’ve ever written and it’s the quintessential “doom ballad” if you will.

It’s certainly got melancholy in spades. It is my favourite track on the album, mainly because of the godlike vocal performance Anders pulls off here. He’s simply the best singer in doom metal right now, bar none. He’s the complete package.
Coupled with the awesome lyrics that Justin wrote and Ricky’s restrained, ultra-heavy drum work this song just slays. For the outro Peter came up with this beautiful harmonized guitar melody and it closes the song perfectly.

// Kristian

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