Commencing on writing Deliverance, I tried different approaches. Upfront, the only thing I knew was that the song needed to be sad and fit the Sorcerer style, but at the same time had to be something different to anything we had done before.
I remember writing the verse and chorus pretty fast and repeatedly listening it before sending it to Kristian. Kristian then passed on the song to Peter, of whom he was convinced to be the perfect person to arrange the song and take it to the next level.
He sure did. In that early stage, there we no thoughts of involving somebody else in the song yet. I think it was Anders idea to make Deliverance a duet with Johan from Candlemass. A brilliant idea, if you ask me.
I also want to point out the cello by Svante Henryson. They add that extra sadness to the song. Altogether, the song turned out to be everything (or more than) I imagined.


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