Age Of The Damned was my first, real, total contribution to the band. Working title for this one was fairly generic. I called it “Saturday Doom”.

I wrote it on a Saturday. I began noodling on the verse riff whilest in Würzburg, after Hammer of Doom. I remember the trip from Oberhausen to Würzburg was quite long. I had been listening to a bunch of Pantera and White Zombie. The verse riff popped into my mind because I really wanted a heavy, chuggy riff where the bass cuts through, like on so many of those hard rock and metal albums from the early 90s.

Kristian reworked it and added some great background guitars. He also reworked the chorus, lets face it, Kristian can write a killer chorus. There are lots of influences in this tune. Pantera, Whitezombie as well as Black Sabbath. It was just my way of tipping my hat to bands I love and doing my own thing with their influence. The lyrics, of course, I wanted to be as brutal as possible. So, this track is based on the torture and despair of the Witch trials.

All the things people convicted of Witchcraft went through.Finally, Anders’ vocal performance on this track is amazing. He knocks it out of the park and everytime I hear the final note, it sends a surge of chills up my spine. Brilliant.

// Justin

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