Path To Perdition started life as Ultradoom, another one of those super-creative working titles (not). It was the track we struggled the most with in terms of arrangement; I think I sent 6 or 7 different iterations of it to Anders and Conny before we settled on the final version. In the back of my mind I always had the idea that this should be the track to close out the album and therefore I wanted a big dramatic ending.I initially got the idea for the church organ from Hans Zimmer and his brilliant soundtrack to one of my favourite movies of all time, Interstellar. It just happened to tie in nicely with the overall “church theme” of the lyrics and album cover.

Always a sucker for conceptual continuity (thank you Frank Zappa!) I often try to re-use and build on ideas that I’ve previously employed, and place them somewhere else on the album and see if anyone notices. In this case I used the same three notes for the outro organ part as I’d used for the outro on Age Of The Damned. Another example is the bridge and the chords underneath the guitar solos in the intro. They’re exactly the same. Some might call it lazy writing, I call it “maximizing the potential and employment of good ideas”!

In closing I’d just like to say that personally I’ve never been one to thrive under pressure. I like to take my time with things; they are finished when they are finished. Especially when it comes to music. So for us to give ourselves just a year to write and record an album like this is, from my perspective, a bit of a gamble and quite ballsy. It could have turned out really lame. You’re never sure if you have any good songs left in you but I’m happy to say that I think we did, and that we managed to follow up The Crowning Of The Fire King, which I love, with something equally powerful and consistent. I’m incredibly proud of everybody involved; Jeroen, Ronnie, Dusan, Jani, everybody at MB and of course my awesome bandmates, and I know we gave it the absolute best we had. You can’t beat that feeling.


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